Our services


MECHANICAL PLANT "SONET" LTD. performs a wide range of work-related wiring residential buildings, non-residential buildings, industrial plants, warehouses, enterprise social purpose, commercial and administrative complexes, office buildings, farm complexes in Kyiv and beyond.


MECHANICAL PLANT "SONET" LTD. offers comprehensive working with sheet metal, namely, laser cutting, punching, cutting and bending, welding and plumbing work, hardware manufacturing solid, powder paints and more.


MECHANICAL PLANT "SONET" LTD. manufactures passenger and freight elevators, capacity up to 2000 kg; performs works and performs replacement of obsolete lifts and equipment; provides complete technical support in the elevators.

Ventilated facade

MECHANICAL PLANT "SONET" LTD. offers services in manufacturing and installation of heat vetylovanoho hinged facade «HOSTROCK»  for insulation, improved architectural expressiveness and durability of your home. Facade «HOSTROCK» - a modern system mounted to improve the thermal resistance building.

Electrical laboratory

MECHANICAL PLANT "SONET" LTD. performs electrical measurements and networks; eliminate and prevent damage to the electrical systems used in residential and non-residential premises in Kyiv.

Estimates and agreements

MECHANICAL PLANT "SONET" LTD. is for customers estimates and contracts for all work that is undertaken by, namely, wiring, installation of elevators, service and installation elektorolaboratoriyi ventilated facade. Performance estimates form the КБ-2, М-29, КБ-3 in the short term.

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